Instruments of the Universe

I was younger than you when my father died

In the mirror I am surprised by my own hands

Stronger and older than I expect

Sinking into your shoulders as you tell me this

I grasp you tighter

By pulling your body into mine I will make you my father

In the surge 

Of some heavenly body 

Barreling through us and leaving us torn open

We lie by the ocean always

Broken open with the water finding the insides of us

It is warm and I think

Maybe love and time are the same force

Eroding the shore beneath us inevitably 

Pouring hot and sensual from our faces

My body is an open channel

An orgasmic vessel for this relentless angel

In the surge of its merciless passage through us

Both past and future are obliterated

The father who was not there

The child who cannot forgive 

These things dissolve


Even as the time that remains to us is torn away

We are none of the things we thought we were

We are only

The means for this Force of Love to experience itself

As it has been drawing us together and apart

Together and apart on the tides of its coming and going

It has us on our knees now

We know ourselves

And see each other

Fully and for the first time

Instruments of the universe

By queenofelves

Writer, artist, and magic-user. Lover of fantasy and romantic poetry. Always exploring!

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