The Dream

In the dream my brother tells me Love is All A revelation unfolds in my chest  A memory made new clothed in his voice We are crossing a river that carves  Through a honey-colored canyon  Of striated sun-drenched stone A black goat stands in the shallows and watches As I gather up the layers of… Continue reading The Dream

A Place in the Forest, Part VI

“I’m ready now,” Ivan said. “I want you to show me today.” Mava looked up from where she was planted on hands and knees with her nose nearly brushing the moss, studying a pair of tiny snails with rose-pink shells and pearlescent flesh.  Her small horns twitched in Ivan’s direction and he noted that although… Continue reading A Place in the Forest, Part VI

A Place in the Forest, Part V

Mava sat at the edge of the rock pool, her feet submerged in the cold crystal water, letting the raindrops pelt her.  The pattering of rain blended together with the rush of the waterfall and the susurration of the trees, creating a smooth wall of sound on which her thoughts skated.  But no matter how… Continue reading A Place in the Forest, Part V

A Place in the Forest, Part IV

A branch snapped loudly beneath Ivan’s foot, hidden by the carpeting of brown leaves that covered the forest floor.  He froze and held his breath, listening intently.  He was conducting an experiment; he wanted to find out how close he could get to Mava’s clearing without her sensing him.  Every time he went there she… Continue reading A Place in the Forest, Part IV

A Simple Spell

I am on the right path. Everything is as it should be.  I am open to new experiences. I completely believe in my abilities. I am receiving amazing gifts and opportunities. Every day, I create my perfect reality. I always get what I want. I am able to let go and trust in the flow… Continue reading A Simple Spell

A Place in the Forest, Part III

“That settles it,” Mava said decisively, concluding a dialogue she’d been having with herself. “We’ve got to go swimming.” Ivan smiled weakly. “I think I’ll just put my feet in,” he ventured. “I’m really not that hot.”  A drop of sweat chose that moment to roll off the tip of his nose, undermining him.  Mava… Continue reading A Place in the Forest, Part III

Siren Song

Her body is a siren song You are led into an ocean of unknowing  Within, within So everyone that has ever loved her Found themselves in over their heads Impossible to cling to her For she is water Changeable, tempest-tossed The seaweed of her hair around your throat She coats you with pearls And you… Continue reading Siren Song