A Place in the Forest, Part VII

“Mava,” Ivan called. “Are you sure about this?” Mava turned and looked back at him.  The light coming from him was green but it seemed to be filtered, as if it was passing through a thick fog.  His expression was earnest, open, holding nothing back.  Even had she not been able to sense his emotion,… Continue reading A Place in the Forest, Part VII


Today I noticed our old path Where we used to walk after school In the thin gray light of winter days Grown sparse and strange The branches spindly The grasses threadbare Even the shadows were shadows Of their former selves No longer holding unknown entities Antagonists of our inner narratives But simply places Where light… Continue reading Change

Being (audio)

Trying something new with voice recordings of me reading my poems. Let me know if you enjoy this!


The ground is warm and wet against my back Meadow grasses folding softly around me My hair lacing through them, becoming part of the world Cicadas carry this rendering on their ceaseless song A heavy buzz that you were not able to hear White noise turned golden with the summer sun A billion tender green… Continue reading Being

The Dream

In the dream my brother tells me Love is All A revelation unfolds in my chest  A memory made new clothed in his voice We are crossing a river that carves  Through a honey-colored canyon  Of striated sun-drenched stone A black goat stands in the shallows and watches As I gather up the layers of… Continue reading The Dream

A Place in the Forest, Part VI

“I’m ready now,” Ivan said. “I want you to show me today.” Mava looked up from where she was planted on hands and knees with her nose nearly brushing the moss, studying a pair of tiny snails with rose-pink shells and pearlescent flesh.  Her small horns twitched in Ivan’s direction and he noted that although… Continue reading A Place in the Forest, Part VI