To Sit with You on the Ground

With my body facing yours and some part of us touching

Perhaps our knees 

Is like sitting by a fire at night

Energy radiating in the form of 

Heat and Light

Coming over me as an irrepressible smile

I bask in your joy

I bathe in your sadness

I welcome you with easy pleasure

And you flow through me 

Like all the water in the world

Always moving, always changing

Departing and returning

Cloud, river, ocean, rain

It would be meaningless to ask where it begins

Mushrooms fruit on my arms as you speak

Apple blossoms drowse in my hair

Dreaming of how good it feels to be touched by bees

The fuel of the conversation burns down

Sparkling and flickering

Til I am heart-to-heart with the glowing embers

My lips find yours

Night closes over my head with a sigh

Sweet evening rustling of bats and frogs

We continue our dialogue in another language

By queenofelves

Writer, artist, and magic-user. Lover of fantasy and romantic poetry. Always exploring!


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