A Simple Spell

I am on the right path.

Everything is as it should be. 

I am open to new experiences.

I completely believe in my abilities.

I am receiving amazing gifts and opportunities.

Every day, I create my perfect reality.

I always get what I want.

I am able to let go and trust in the flow of the universe;

Right now, everything is arranging itself to bring me together with my dreams.

All is well, and all will be well.

I am already successful beyond my imagining.

I have achieved dreams that I was once afraid to even have.

Fear and doubt have no hold on me;

I feel them and let them pass away.

I move in the direction of my ambition.

I move forward!

I take each step in faith, knowing that the universe always provides for me.

I am allowing myself to dream big and to take action that aligns with my big dreams!

The universe in response brings me to the very best version of my dreams.

I listen carefully to my intuition and I observe the way it guides me.

I see the chain of light that has led me here.

I truly believe the light only gets brighter.

The past has no power over me;

I am who I believe myself to be.

The perceptions of others give me information about them;

I know who I am.

I know why I am here.

I am sharing my unique gifts with the world.

I am rewarded with abundance and love beyond what I thought was possible.

My magic is consistent, potent, and focused.

The more I practice, the more clearly I see this world–

The more beautifully I create this world.

My gratitude overflows!

I have so much to give.

I am attracting deep, lasting friendships.  

I am free to be myself.

I already have everything that I need.

This is so much more than I knew I could have.

The more I follow my heart’s call, the more faith I have–

That all works out;

That there is divine guidance;

That dreams are meant to come true!

Thank you!  I love you.

By queenofelves

Writer, artist, and magic-user. Lover of fantasy and romantic poetry. Always exploring!


  1. Amy, your positivity encourages me to look forward with hope and not to dwell on what could have been. After all, the past is the past and cannot be changed. Your words and thoughts encourage me to focus only on this moment and beyond 🥰


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