Letting you go

When so much of me is begging me 

To beg you to stay

There must be unanimity 

But if I could I would

Rewind time to fifteen minutes ago

When my cheek was on your shoulder

And then back again to an hour ago when I heard 

The sound of the door 

And your footsteps on the stairs


And back, back to afternoon

When you were telling me 

You would come by later

And then turn the dial back to five days ago

When I felt I could handle it 

To a month ago

When I knew I was safe with you

To two months ago

When we were assembling dresser drawers

To a year ago

When I was finishing a drawing

That I was using to create us

When I had never felt this way before

When I knew my life had changed

When I knew it was Forever 

And keep rewinding back

Back onto the jungle gym where we stood

Clutching the ropes with cold hands

And talked about magic

Before you kissed me for the first time

I’ll pause the tape and linger there

For as long as I can

And then I want to go back 

And undo it all

And never ask you how I will succeed 

In letting you go

By queenofelves

Writer, artist, and magic-user. Lover of fantasy and romantic poetry. Always exploring!


  1. There is the saying….if I knew then what I know now……but unfortunately that is risk in any relationship…….but you are coping with it and that is a plus…..but keep looking forward….for you…..the past teaches us how to move forward…….

    You are doing fine……just keep going….the more of your past you learn from, the brighter your future


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