My Love is a Planet

fingers sinking feeling squishing

I gather the springy coils of your curls

and my palm remembers moss

damp organic spongy thick

yielding softly sapling sighing

smushing my face into yours

breathing you in

my nose remembers the wholeness of your body

and your vines are twining round me

so now my branches grow in spirals

new patterns proliferating

while the past unwinds into the sand

the waves erode our piece of shore

exposing more of who we are

and one day we will wash away

a tree of life adrift with buoyant heart

and when we arrive

it will be impossible to tell

where you begin and I end

and we won’t remember being

any other way

By queenofelves

Writer, artist, and magic-user. Lover of fantasy and romantic poetry. Always exploring!


    1. Love your writing! Very beautifully written. Sounds like what you want and will find in your beautiful and Passionate life! ❤️


  1. Squishing and tingling my soul and love how ur words intertwine in my mind fill me with beautiful thoughts, visions of true earthly pleasures. I can smell ur breath as each of ur words tantalized my ears, thank u for a wonderfully warm soothing delicious poetry.


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