Today I noticed our old path

Where we used to walk after school

In the thin gray light of winter days

Grown sparse and strange

The branches spindly

The grasses threadbare

Even the shadows were shadows

Of their former selves

No longer holding unknown entities

Antagonists of our inner narratives

But simply places

Where light does not touch

And I wondered how this came to be

For it didn’t happen overnight

So how long was it going on

This change unseen unfelt

Sneaking gradually through years

To surprise me all at once

For no particular reason today

I wonder if you ever come down here

And look around and find it strange

That those interminable days 

Have slipped away

And now the railroad tracks lie flat 

As if to say you’ve changed

By queenofelves

Writer, artist, and magic-user. Lover of fantasy and romantic poetry. Always exploring!


  1. Once again I am struck by the lyricism and heart behind your words. You capture your recollections and paint a vivid and resigned picture with your word choices. You have also created an ambience and cadence that makes this piece move with your footsteps, a gentle rhythm that glides between the past and the present. Beautiful. Thank you


  2. Your anecdotes, tell me a story. A story of love and passion. Also great sadness. Very vivid descriptive thoughts. Your a beautiful woman. I hope your treat yourself as such, especially for your mind. Just my thoughts. Keep writing


    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment Greg 🙂 I do practice treating myself with love and tenderness. I hope you do the same! I’m glad you’re sensing the full range of emotion I channel into my writing and my life 🤍


  3. Amy, as I have grown older, I enjoy going back to old roads and paths in the forest from my childhood. Some have changed, others are just as they were then. Your poem reminds me of those places I love and will never forget .


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