A Place in the Forest, Part VI

“I’m ready now,” Ivan said. “I want you to show me today.” Mava looked up from where she was planted on hands and knees with her nose nearly brushing the moss, studying a pair of tiny snails with rose-pink shells and pearlescent flesh.  Her small horns twitched in Ivan’s direction and he noted that although… Continue reading A Place in the Forest, Part VI

A Place in the Forest, Part V

Mava sat at the edge of the rock pool, her feet submerged in the cold crystal water, letting the raindrops pelt her.  The pattering of rain blended together with the rush of the waterfall and the susurration of the trees, creating a smooth wall of sound on which her thoughts skated.  But no matter how… Continue reading A Place in the Forest, Part V

A Simple Spell

I am on the right path. Everything is as it should be.  I am open to new experiences. I completely believe in my abilities. I am receiving amazing gifts and opportunities. Every day, I create my perfect reality. I always get what I want. I am able to let go and trust in the flow… Continue reading A Simple Spell

A Place in the Forest, Part III

“That settles it,” Mava said decisively, concluding a dialogue she’d been having with herself. “We’ve got to go swimming.” Ivan smiled weakly. “I think I’ll just put my feet in,” he ventured. “I’m really not that hot.”  A drop of sweat chose that moment to roll off the tip of his nose, undermining him.  Mava… Continue reading A Place in the Forest, Part III

A Place in the Forest, Part II

“Oh no, I can’t eat that.” Ivan paused with his hand still outstretched offering the smoked trout on its open napkin.  “Uh, there’s hardly any bones in it, if that’s what you’re worried about,” he said uncertainly. “I’m pretty good at deboning them.  But you do have to be careful anyway,” he added hurriedly. “Some… Continue reading A Place in the Forest, Part II

A Place in the Forest

A heavy crashing of branches sent two stealthy ravens up from their cover of leaves, croaking disgruntledly.  Mava’s knife was already in her hand when the man landed in an undignified tumble of twigs on the thick moss at her feet. “Lecher,” she snarled, crouching back. “Spying on me, were you?” The man scrambled gracelessly… Continue reading A Place in the Forest

Ecstasy with Emma

The drugs start kicking in almost immediately.  Coming up I think is the phrase.  I can tell I’m slightly off when I immediately rip open the wrapper of the granola bar before the guy even hands me my change, I’m not hungry I’ve just forgotten the order in which I would usually do things.  I… Continue reading Ecstasy with Emma

Healing the Earth; a bedtime story

“Ok River, it’s time for sleep,” Mom said, leaning over to kiss my head. “But I’m not sleepy Mom!” I protested. “I’m wiiide awake!” “Well it’s time to become sleepy River,” Mom said in that way of hers, like she winked without winking, moving toward the door. “Wait Mom!  You said you would tell me… Continue reading Healing the Earth; a bedtime story

“Tell Me What You Feel”

“Tell me what you feel” You press my hand to your heart I feel your aliveness There is nothing to fear I stand at the precipice Of myself Preparing to plunge Through the lake of mirrors Emerging in unbroken sky Of unfamiliar hue This labor I undertake With all of me For all of you… Continue reading “Tell Me What You Feel”